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The term difability is short for “different ability”. It suggests that we all have different abilities, and should expect that any person has unique competencies and limitations to what we can or want to do. We are only limited by our resources and our imagination; it is up to us to explore and push those boundaries.

DifAbility.org is a nonprofit corporation based in Utah whose mission is to create, discover and promote awareness of local programs for anyone who challenges a cognitive or physical restriction. We organized in 2013 as DifAbility Utah.

The Organization’s mission is to create, discover and promote awareness of local programs in Utah for anyone who challenges their cognitive or physical restrictions from a disability.

We pursue this mission in a number of ways:

  • By researching, reporting and promoting information about accessible programs available to the local community through our web site (http://difability.org/wp), social media channels and through community outreach.
  • By sponsoring the Purple Dash 5k, an annual fun run, walk and roll event that advocate for better understanding of Epilepsy and seizures, and provide instructions and giveaways for what to do if you see a seizure. We also promote a more active lifestyle for anyone through participation in the 5k run/walk.
  • By creating cooperative, collaborative efforts with individuals, groups and organizations that pursue development of similar programs that support our mission.
  • By raising, preserving, managing, and disbursing funds for the interpretive and development purposes of the organization.

We are working towards application for 501(c)3 status, but have not yet submitted any paperwork to be recognized as a charitable nonprofit by the IRS.

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